May 2015 Net Worth Report (+0.61%)

May 31, 2015 @ 06:56 pm by EMS

May ended up being a rather expensive month, as we had several unexpected expenses.  My daughter had an accident at a soccer game that resulted in an ER visit (she is fine), and we paid the final payment for our summer vacation rental.  Between that and paying for several summer camps, etc…, we didn’t save as much as I had hoped over the month.

Tomorrow, I start a new job and with it a 30% pay increase.  I’m hoping that we can keep our expenses at the level that they are and use this increased income to help save more for higher-education savings for the kids.  I’m also hoping we can splurge a bit on some family vacations, but that will be secondary.  June should hopefully see a rather large net worth increase do to the fact that I’ll be receiving almost 8-weeks of unused earned vacation time from my previous employer.

May 2015 Net Worth Report

April 2015 Net Worth Report (+1.21%)

May 08, 2015 @ 06:16 pm by EMS




Our net worth increased by a tad over 5.5K over the month of April 2015.  The $10,000 that we took out of our emergency fund to pay for our solar installation in 2013 is almost (90+%) totally replenished, and this past month I took the 50% of that that had not yet been moved out of our cash accounts and moved it to a brokerage account, hence the large difference here between those two categories this month.

In other news, I’m taking a new position in June of 2015 and will see about a 30% pay raise.  I’m extremely excited about the opportunity and am hoping it translates into some fairly significant gains in net worth over the next several years.April 2015 Net Worth Summary

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