September 2013 Net Worth Update (+2.07%)

Oct 01, 2013 @ 08:16 pm by EMS

Our spending in September was the third lowest month of the year, and that included a $750 mechanic bill for a timing belt change.  Without that charge, it would have been by far the lowest expenditure month of the year.  Our investments did OK, but trailed the market by about 1%.  Being the end of the quarter, we adjusted our vehicle values and depreciated them by $1,250.

Our solar installation takes place in early October.  We’ve experienced probably two months of delays, first due to some reinforcement work that needed to take place on our roof, and second by some manufacturer delays.  We actually had to downgrade the solar panels that we had originally chosen because supply constraints would have delayed the project another twelve weeks.  The panels that we had originally agreed upon would have supplied about 93% of our household energy usage, the new ones are an older model, but are still predicted to supply 89% of our usage.  Fortunately, we received a better deal on these panels, which dropped the total cost of the system by about $3,000.  Our plan is to put that difference into updating our nearly 20-year old furnace /air conditioner and replace it with a 16 SEER heat pump system.

September 2013 Net Worth

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