March 2013 Investment Comparison Report (-1.22%)

Apr 15, 2013 @ 05:04 am by EMS

Our underperformance of our investments when compared to the benchmark of VTI now continues into its sixth month.  We trailed the index by 1.22% this month.  Again, a large part of the problem came about from an overly-heavy position in Apple stock.  All new funds being invested will either go directly into VTI or into existing holdings other than Apple to help balance things out going forward.



March 2013 Net Worth Update (+1.68%)

Apr 02, 2013 @ 09:04 am by EMS











March ended up another positive month, with a gain of nearly $6,000.  Being that this was the end of the quarter, I entered in a conservative vehicle depreciation asset deduction of $2,000.  Our expenses were a bit high this month, as we upgraded our basement home entertainment theater in an effort to “cut the cord” from DirecTV and switch over to an IP/Streaming based solution using a Roku box.  So, while we had to upgrade our projector to HDMI and make various other changes, we ended up with a significantly upgraded setup that will cost less monthly to run.  We’ll be investigating later this summer if a complete “cable/satellite” free system with work for us, but for now I am happy with reducing our monthly Satellite TV bill by about 15%.

I suspect April will be a rather expensive month, as we are working towards upgrading our ugly formica countertops with a more modern granite product.  We’ve been shopping around getting quotes since the beginning of the year and have finally found a solution that we like.  We haven’t yet pulled the trigger yet though, as we are waiting for the installer to offer one of their fairly regularly scheduled sales price events.




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