August 2012 Investment Comparison Report (+0.87%)

Sep 25, 2012 @ 07:35 am by EMS

In August, we outpaced the index by 0.87%.  The gain of 3.58% represents our third straight month of positive gains, and that trend looks to continue as September closes up.

August 2012 Net Worth Update (+2.26%)

Sep 03, 2012 @ 12:25 pm by EMS

The summer of dead appliances continue…  We lost our gas range/stove in July and this month our clothes washer died.  We purchased a new one that should be significantly more energy and water efficient at the cost of about $1,100 (including a 5 year extended warranty).  Between that unanticipated expense plus the expenses related to a week and a half vacation, August was a close third most expensive month of 2012 so far.

However, even with the expenses realized this month, we still increased our net worth by over $7,000.  Our investments continue to perform well, and we had a strong month in that regard.

August 2012 was also the last month that we’ll have a continuous day-care payment as well!!!  Our youngest is entering kindergarten this year which means it’s time to cut off the huge childcare expenses!!  Doing a quick report in Quicken shows me that we spent a total of $71,018 in childcare since our youngest was born in 2003.  Wow!!  With a total of $11,792, 2008 was the most expense year for childcare expenses, as our three kids would have been between one and six years old that year.  While it will be nice to no longer have reoccurring childcare expenses, we will likely just be using the increased cash flow to bolster the kids’ college savings amounts.

Net Worth Update for August 2012

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