June 2012 Investment Comparison Report (-0.64%)

Jul 26, 2012 @ 07:37 am by EMS

I forgot to post our investment comparison for May 2012, so this report covers both months.

In May, our portfolio was down 4.27%, but we still managed to beat our benchmark of VTI, which was down by 6.22%

In June, we were up 2.88%, which trailed our benchmark by 0.64%.

So far in 2012, we have beaten VTI in 3 of the six months and were down the other three.  However, the amounts that we’ve been up (4.41%, 1.83%, and 1.95%) have been a good deal more than the amounts we were down in comparison to our benchmark (-0.88%, -1.61%, and -0.64%).


June 2012 Net Worth Update (2.47%)

Jul 02, 2012 @ 07:17 pm by EMS

June ended up counteracting our May 2012 performance and we managed a gain of $7,744 in our net worth.  We also managed our spending pretty well, and even through we ended up purchasing a new gas range for about $750 due to the failure of our old range, we still ended up with the 2nd least expensive month of the year.  A fair amount of the reasoning behind this is that we had pre-paid for several of the kids’ summer camps during this time period, but we also spent less in dining and miscellaneous expenses.

One upcoming issue though is that our 2005 minivan is starting to show signs of massive distress, which I guess shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the 150,000+ miles on it.  The latest issue is what appears to be a worn bearings on the front wheels.  Of course, we now need to balance repair costs with replacement costs of a new (used) vehicle.  Fortunately, we’ve been saving for this event and we should have a decent down payment when the time comes.

Being that this report comes at the end of a quarter, we adjusted our vehicles’ worth to reflect depreciation.  $750 was deducted from our Mazda MPV.

May 2012 Net Worth Update (-2.6%)

Jul 02, 2012 @ 06:30 pm by EMS

Ooops…  I went in to update the site with the June data, and realized that I totally missed the May update.  Oh well, its a bit telling of how busy things have been lately.  Either that, or its my subconcious attempt to forget about the poor May report.

Anyway, the stock market tanked in May, and so did our net worth.  We dropped over $8,000.

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