August 2011 Investment Comparison Report (+2.29%)

Sep 22, 2011 @ 08:55 am by EMS

Our portfolio continues to do well in comparison to our benchmark in this rough market.  We were up 2.29% over VTI for the month of August, and it looks like September will be a positive month as well.

August 2011 Net Worth Report (-$5,627)

Sep 01, 2011 @ 10:33 am by EMS

All things considered, August wasn’t too bad of a month for us.  Yes, we are down about 2% which effectively wiped out all of July’s gains.  But our investments outperformed our tracking index by over 2 points, and, even with $500 worth of vehicle repairs/new tires, our expenditures in August were the lower than any other month this year.

One newsworthy item that happened in August is that we’ve decided to refinance our home once again (we had done the same this time last year).  We can move from a 5.125% mortgage to a 4.325% mortgage with a little over $1,500 in closing fees.  I’m bending my rule of not refinancing unless I can get 1+ points knocked off the interest rate, but I couldn’t resist getting a rate in the 4% range.  Obviously, this will put a kink in my somewhat over-ambitious plan to knock 4 years off of our mortgage this year, but that can wait until next year.  We’ll continue paying the original mortgage’s payments, which will put us at or close to a $500 principal payment each month.

The outlook for September is a bit hazy right now, as we’ll be paying the balance of our upcoming Florida vacation and who knows what the stock market will be doing this month.

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