May 2011 Investment Comparison Report (-0.58%)

Jun 27, 2011 @ 12:04 pm by EMS

We once again trailed VTI‘s performance over the month of May 2011.  VTI lost 1%, while we lost 1.58%.  May was also significant in that it was the first time in three months that negative results were recorded.  That trend will likely continue through June’s report as well.

Final Withdrawal/Review

Jun 23, 2011 @ 06:34 pm by EMS

Our last remaining loan from the microlending site finally matured earlier this month.  I pulled out our final balance of about $50 and am now able to do the final calculations to find out exactly how much I’ve lost in the deal.  From March 2006 to May 2007, I made deposits of $1,580 into my Prosper account.  I began withdrawing money as soon as it became available beginning in July 2007, totally $1,759.62 in withdrawals.  This resulted in a $179.62 interest accumulation.

As I had previously reported, my experience with the site has been lackluster, but I did end up doing better than I expected.  I didn’t lose money, so that’s certainly a positive.  But I think after this experience, I’m done with microlending.  I certainly did not receive the return that I was hoping for (even though I was bidding primarily on “highly rated” borrowers), and I had to make about a $90 negative adjustment in our accounts receivable balance.

May 2011 Net Worth Report (+$77)

Jun 01, 2011 @ 09:16 am by EMS

It’s been pretty much a net neutral type of month for us.  Our investment losses over the month were balanced out with our income.  We did have some significant events though, as we paid over $2,000 for our city water hookup and fixed our outdoor child playset.  To account for the water hookup, I moved the cost of the hookup directly to the value of our home, as I feel (hope) that this hookup does increase the home’s value (but I’m probably being optimistic thinking it will be a dollar-for-dollar increase).  The playset repair was a Memorial-weekend project and costs a bit more than I had anticipated.  We had hoped to just replace some of the rotted plywood on the side of the structure, but once we got into it, it was clear that all of the plywood would need replaced at a cost of about $175 total.  I earned a little extra income this month by contracting out to install a wireless network at a local campground, but the extra income that I was earning on my side teacher job has ended for the summer.  Fortunately, I’ve signed on again to teach this Fall, so it will just be a temporary loss.

Summer has arrived, and that means paying again for all three kids to go to daycare.  We’re doing our best to find alternative arrangements for the older two, but it is difficult to find enough summer camps, weeks at the grandparents, etc… to make a significant dent.  We have no real summer vacation plans, as we continue to save for our November trip to Florida.

Probably the most notable event is that May marked the first month that we are under $150,000 on our mortgage!  While we weren’t able to pay as much of a prepayment this month as I had hoped, getting down below the $150K milestone shows that we are making some progress in our year-end goal.

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