March 2011 Investment Comparison Report (+0.26%)

Apr 26, 2011 @ 07:21 am by EMS

In March, we beat our comparison index fund, VTI, by .26%.  The results were nearly identical to February’s performance and mark the 2nd consecutive month that we’ve beaten the index.  With the end of April looming, it looks like we won’t continue that trend for a 3rd month, thanks largely to the hit taken by Google due to their earnings report.

March 2011 Net Worth Report (+$4,320)

Apr 01, 2011 @ 09:11 am by EMS

Considering that the stock market in March 2011 was pretty even, we’re happy that we were able to report a $4,320 gain over the month.  We did receive our yearly whole life insurance policy updates, and that accounts for about $800 of the increase.  Our Roth investments outpaced our comparison index by a good bit over the month and we’ll report on that later in the month.  The other positive news to report is that we were able to make an extra payment about $700 on our mortgage this month, which knocked close to four months off of our final payment date.  This was the first month that we were able to make the extra payment, and I hope to continue the practice throughout the year.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’ll make the year end goal of making enough extra principle payments to push the mortgage back to the pay-off date that we had before the refinance.

Our percentage net worth interest over the first quarter of 2011 is 6.86%.  This is slightly higher than our performance in Q1 last year and the second highest its been over the history of the site.


March 2011 Net Worth

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