February 2011 Investment Comparison Report (+0.24%)

Mar 21, 2011 @ 09:12 am by EMS

The three month losing streak finally stops!  Our portfolio was up 3.94%, while our benchmark, VTI, was up 3.7%.  We did some rebalancing of the portfolio this month by selling off the small number of shares owned in GE, NPBC, and KFT and replacing those with a larger share of VTI.  The three stocks made up less than 4% of my total portfolio, and we are attempting to consolidate our holdings for various reasons.

February 2011 Investment Performance

February 2011 Net Worth Report (+$9,497)

Mar 01, 2011 @ 11:45 am by EMS

February was good…  Not only did we receive our federal tax refund of about $3,000, we also had a good week in the stock market and ended up increasing our net worth by over $9,000.  In addition, we used the $1,000 that we’ve been saving up since October 2010 and began our laundry room improvement project (new floor and cabinets).  We also are experiencing our lowest amount of credit card debt in over a year, which indicates that our spending has been at a good level as well.

In regards to our 2011 financial goal of significantly paying down our mortgage, I wish that we were making more progress.  As things are, we don’t have a whole lot of available cash at the end of month to make additional payments above and beyond the extra we already have wrapped into our monthly payments.  March might prove different, as our credit card bill will be comparatively small, but we’ll have to wait and see.  If we didn’t have to spend a good chunk of our tax refund on the mandated water connection, I’d be putting all of that money into paying down the mortgage.

Update: On 3/1/2011 I identified an error in my spreadsheet that caused resulted in underestimating our net worth for the past several months.  The result is an increase of about $3,600.  This new amount is reflected in this updated post.


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