October 2010 Investment Comparison Report (+1.20%)

Nov 12, 2010 @ 08:55 am by EMS

October marked the first month that VTI had a positive gain and we beat the benchmark by more than 1% (I had previously beat the benchmark by more 1+%, but they had all been in down market months).  A lot of the gain had to do with Google‘s 16% surge that occurred over the time period.  This marks the 3rd straight reporting period that I beat the benchmark.

October 2010 Net Worth Report (+$7,080)

Nov 01, 2010 @ 07:58 am by EMS

October was another good month for us.  Net worth increased almost 3% over the month, bringing us up to almost a quarter million (those are weird words to type)!  Our cash flow for the month has been pretty good, and we were able to reach all of our college savings and retirement savings goals.  Another positive is that the amount of money that went towards paying down our mortgage almost doubled from what we were paying just 6 months ago thanks to September’s refinance and the extra money going towards the balance.  While we are mortgage payment is slightly up (by choice) under the new setup, it is obviously going to pay some serious dividends down the road.

Cash flow was good, but we did spend $600+ for an upcoming trip to New York City.  We got a steal on the transportation, thanks to Megabus, but NYC is a bit more pricey than I expected.  We’ll be paying over $300 for a one-night hotel stay, and another $250 for show tickets.  Being that we live in a rural area and wanting to give the kids the experience of seeing the city, I think I guilted myself into the trip.  However, I think we’ll look into NYC daytrips in the future rather than doing this again in the future.  $550 could go a lot further elsewhere.

I’m very pleased with our investment gains this month and will post later about how we stacked up against our investment benchmark over the month.

October 2010 Net Worth Data

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