August 2010 Investment Comparison Report (+2.18%)

Sep 16, 2010 @ 07:52 am by EMS

Our portfolio performed very well in August in comparison with our tracking index, VTI.   We beat the index by 2.18%, as VTI was down 4.71% and our portfolio decreased only 2.18%.  Our investment plan is staying on track, in that I’m contributing 15% of my total salary to our retirement funds.  I don’t expect any major changes to this strategy in the foreseeable future.

August 2010 Net Worth Report (-$2,155)

Sep 01, 2010 @ 11:04 am by EMS

Considering the frustrations that I expressed about August, the month did not turn out too bad.  Some notable events:

  • Almost all of this month’s decline can be attributed to investment loss.  The market as a whole was down about 4% over the month and we beat that (at least in our Roth IRAs) by a fair amount.  I’ll go over the results in more detail when I post the monthly investment report.
  • $1,850 went towards installing a water line at the house.  I put this money directly towards the value of the home, which I think is a fair accounting adjustment.  We’ve never increased the value of our home on these reports, and given the market that we live in has seen a small increase over the past 4 years in home prices, I’m comfortable with putting this money directly towards the house’s reported value.  The next major phase of this project will probably occur next summer when we have to pay about $2,300 to connect to the water authority’s line.
  • Our home refinance closed on Aug. 31st.  I’m looking forward to paying the same monthly mortgage amount, but having an extra $200+ going toward principal!
  • We had all 3 kids going to day care over the entire month of August, resulting in weekly $280 bills.  However, this week our oldest child went to 2nd grade and our middle one started kindergarten!  I’m extremely excited about this, as we’ll be able to put that money towards their college education rather than putting it in somebody else’s pocket.
  • Another piece of good news is that I was able to go back and pay back the retirement payment that I had missed earlier in the month, thus keeping with our goal of saving at least 15% of my salary.

We are struggling to get over the $230,00 hump once again though.  If you take a look at our NetWorthIQ line graph, you’ll see that we stalled out the last time we were at this level, and it seems to have happened again.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to make some good progress now that our expenses should decrease from here on out as well as the aid we’ll see from the refinance.

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