2008 vs. 2009

Jan 05, 2010 @ 12:59 pm by EMS

Yesterday I had the chance to run our 2008 vs. 2009 expense report.  There were a few surprises, but overall I was happy with the numbers.  The bottom line was that we saved about $2,000 more in 2009 than we did in 2008.  I know that number isn’t terribly impressive, but when you consider the following, it looks better:

  • Purchases of major household items – We replaced both our refrigerator and hot water heater in ’09.  Those two items account for about $3,500 worth of expenses.
  • We purchased and paid off a new (used) car in ’09.

I always enjoy looking at this report, as I can always find some interesting trends:

  • Our vehicle fuel expenses decreased by nearly $1,000 due to the lower prices we experienced in ’09 vs. ’08.
  • Our grocery expenses increased about $500, which I guess is to be expected with a growing family.
  • Expenses in my “generic” cash and miscellaneous categories increased a fair amount.  This means that I’m not doing a good enough job categorizing expenses.
  • One thing that I”m proud of is that our charitable donations increased by nearly 33% when compared to ’08.
  • Finally, our childcare expenses decreased about 10% over ’08.  This number will continue to decrease as our middle child starts kindergarten next year.

December 2009 Net Worth Report (+$2,710)

Jan 04, 2010 @ 09:53 am by EMS

The money-sucking months of November and December are now complete, and I couldn’t be happier.  In addition to all of the gifts, we’ve traveled to extreme ends of four states, resulting in increased fuel & lodging expenses.

This December report includes a $1,525 write down on the value of our vehicles.  We also opened our second in a series of four $5,000 CDs representing our emergency fund.

I’m now looking forward to two of our traditionally cheaper months – January and February.  The goal is to get enough saved up so that we can open up our final two emergency CDs and then move on to saving more for retirement and college funds.

December 2009 Net Worth

I’ll post a year-end write up to see if we met our 2009 goals soon.

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