Good News – Car Loan Should be Paid by EOM

Nov 12, 2009 @ 01:47 pm by EMS

After a quick check of our current month’s finances, it looks like we’ll have our car loan paid off by the time Thanksgiving rolls around!  At that point, we’ll be totally debt-free other than the mortgage & some rolling credit card debt.

It wasn’t easy, but the decreases in spending that we aggressively went after in September are now really paying off.

The next step is to double our emergency fund to $20,000, followed by increasing our monthly contributions to retirement and college savings.

October 2009 Net Worth Report (+$1,528)

Nov 02, 2009 @ 10:04 am by EMS

October certainly wasn’t a record breaking month, but it wasn’t one that I can complain about either.  We made some huge progress in paying off our remaining vehicle loan by paying off $2,610 on the note.  We are now down to under $1.5K remaining on it, so it is very possible that we’ll have it paid off by year’s end.

Our spending for this month was higher than I had anticipated due to the decision to purchase new tires for our van sooner rather than later ($360).  I had hoped to hold off at least until November, but the opportunity came in October, so we went for it before the snow starts to fall. Additionally, we had a few Christmas purchases made this month, but I expect that majority of those expenses will come in November.

Our investment performance was pretty much negligible as the final few days in October wiped out any gains that we could have reported.

The good news is that our plan to become debt free is well under way.  Once the car is paid off, we are planning on increasing our emergency account to last an additional three months at which point we will begin to make more investments and have some more freedom in regards to where our money goes.

The $200K curse seems to be striking again.  We are at only an uncomfortable 6K above that level, which makes me nervous as the market begins what appears to be a likely descent through November and December.

October 2009 Net Worth Report

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