September 2009 Net Worth Report (+$5,525)

Oct 02, 2009 @ 12:20 pm by EMS

September proved to be another good month.  The biggest highlight for the month was that we completed saving up the $3,000 required for our upcoming hookup to city water (but we still have absolutely no idea when this will occur, you have to love local government).  That milestone was reached in the middle of the month, and we were able to pay $600 towards our car loan.  My goal going forward is to have our “Cash & Savings” category stay stable and pump our cash flow towards getting this loan paid off.  I initially had stated that I wanted the loan paid off by the end of the year, however, I think that was a bit unrealistic and probably January/February of 2010 will be the date when that occurs.

The great news is that we did an excellent job staying well below our budget for the month.  I haven’t reviewed/compared the numbers yet, but I’m confident that September was our “cheapest” month of 2009.  Our credit card debt is under $1,000 for the first time since I’ve started this website, which will translate to a big payment on our car loan in October.

Investment wise, I was pleasantly surprised by September, although I’m not confident that the upswing will continue through the 4th quarter.  We are simply playing a wait-and-see game in this arena with no investment plans (other than our automated 401(k)) being made until we are debt-free and increase the size of our emergency fund.

And finally, this month’s gain includes a -$500 hit on depreciation from our minivan.

Net Worth September 2009

Net Worth September 2009

October will bring with it cooler temperatures (higher utility bills), the start of Christmas shopping, and at least one traveling “vacation” to visit distant relatives.  I think we’ve become disciplined enough that we can definitely keep our spending down and focus on the loan repayment, but I’m not expecting the great numbers we experienced in September.

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