Significant Days

Sep 16, 2009 @ 06:53 pm by EMS

Two milestones have been reaced over the past 3 days that I feel compelled to comment on:

  • For the first time since April of 2008, we’ve achieved a net worth greater than $200,000.  Reaching the mark in 2008 was fleeting, as the recession started at about the same time and our net worth dropped like a rock from that point on.  Let’s hope that doesn’t repeat.
  • Our Roth IRA finally back at a point where it now contains more money than what I had invested in it!  A small goal achieved, but I’ll take it given the past year.

August 2009 Net Worth Report (+$3,631)

Sep 01, 2009 @ 12:31 pm by EMS

August was another positive month, but breaking the $200K ceiling yet again proves to be a challenge.  I’m not happy with the $202 gain in Cash & Savings, as this has been where I’ve been focusing in our short-term plan.  However, we did have several unexpected expenses this month including a treadmill repair, an air-conditioning/heating repair, and increased spending in travel/hotel expenses due to an out-of-state wedding.

I completed a budget for September and if we meet it, we’ll be able to add $546 to the cash funds.  I’m obviously hoping for more than that and have been cutting costs where I can.

Given the market’s September performances in years past, I’m not going to expect a positive result in our market-dependent funds, so I’m hoping to add enough in the Cash & Savings/liability payback to get us over the $200K hump once again.

August 2009 Net Worth

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