November 2008 Net Worth Report (-$4,712)

Dec 01, 2008 @ 11:14 am by EMS

Certainly not a good month, but I can’t say it was unexpected.  The market continued it’s stranglehold on my portfolio, and while it is better than the 5-digit decrease from October, it still hurts to see an almost $5K cut.

Some good things did happen in November:

  • The selection of Obama over McCain is not only the right thing for this nation, but it will have a positive impact on my portfolio.  Being that I work in a government-funded research program, having Obama in the top office will help keep the program going.  In addition, his tax cuts will benefit us directly.
  • Christmas shopping has been somewhat contained…  My side of the family has decided to pull names for Christmas gifts rather than purchasing for everyone.  This helps both financially, but also in saving time (a premium resource these days), environmentally, and the fact that we’ll have less things to find homes for.  I’m hoping I can convince the wife’s side to do the same next year.
Still No Rebound...

Still No Rebound...

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