SmartStrip – Another Electricity Saver

Oct 14, 2007 @ 02:17 pm by EMS

Earlier this month, I took the $30 plunge and picked up the SmartStrip from Amazon. This device is essentially a powerstrip that senses when power has been turned off to a “main” device and then turns off the electricity to the rest of the outlets on the strip. I’m using the SmartStrip to turn off my stereo and Nintendo Wii when power to the TV is turned off. Once I turn on the TV, the SmartStrip again senses that the power has been turned on, and switches the power back on to the “dependent” devices. Additionally, the SmartStrip has 2 outlets that are constantly powered on, for use with devices that you do not want to power off and on with the primary device.

I did an analysis using my Kill-A-Watt and determined that having the Wii in standby mode and the stereo turned on use $.0042/hour to power. For the $30 SmartStrip to pay for itself, I’ll need it to keep the stereo and Wii turned off for 300 days (about 10 months), which isn’t a too-bad return on investment, considering that the SmartStrip should last at least 5 years.

I’m thinking about picking one up for my PC as well, as I figure that it uses even more electricity when in “standby” mode, considering that I’m running 2 external hard drives, a sound system, and a few USB hubs.

Smart Strip

September 2007 Net Worth Report (+7,653)

Oct 01, 2007 @ 11:09 am by EMS

Bolstered by gains in the stock market, another very successful month was experienced in September of 2007!  Of note, shares held in VMWare have increased nearly 50% since I purchased the stock shortly after their IPO in August.  That and other gains made September the 2nd highest month gain recorded since I started the site.  The only time I was able to report a bigger increase came because of a one-time tax refund event.

A few notes from this month:

  • I depreciated the Mazda MPV $395 for this quarter.  Surprisingly, the Mercury Sable maintained the same value (at least according to Kelly Blue Book).
  • I paid down the MPV loan by an extra $175 payment.  This should save me about $20- $25 in interest over the lifetime of the loan.
  • Spending is very much in order with previous months, other than the now normal increase in daycare, we didn’t have any extraordinary expenses.
  • Even though I’m now carrying about $1,700 in 0% interest credit card debt, my total amount of credit card debt decreased.  This can only be explained by decreased spending overall.
  • I’m now only 2.6% away from my year-end goal of increasing our net worth 25% for 2007.  As long as the stock market maintains even a slight gain over next 3 months, I think this goal will be easily obtainable.

September 2007 Net Worth

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